Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight
"Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey" is a Flight of the Soul. We are all part of the sacred circle of heaven and earth! Saturday Destination changes each week for all the peoples of the World, we call the Rainbow Clan. The Spiritual Realm will join us as part of the beloved children of Oneness. Telephone conference free, by emailing

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight Visiting the Blue Lake People!

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight
Blue Lake People 

Home of the Blue Lake People
The Sacred Circle of Heaven and Earth

Image: Blue Lake County, Taos Pueblo Community

Taos Pueblo Community

Saturday January 22, 2011



Beginning at 3:50pm PST, we gather together by telephone conferencing.  White Buffalo Calf Woman will shuttle each person, to the Blue Lake from the Telephone. 

At precisely at 3:55pm PST, we gather together in or upon the Blue Lake, Taos, New Mexico, near the Four Corners USA.  Do not step onto the land, for this is Sacred Land of the Taos People, inner hoop who also assist the second and third hoop, which we will become! The Outer hoop is our Global Peaceful Wisdom Prayer led by Elder Holiness David.  Your Receiving Ambassador for the Inner hoop for the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight is Elder White Buffalo Calf Woman (Twin Deer Mother). Share your prayers and concerns with these Elders.  You may have much to contribute, including the stories of the heart.  Today, 10,000 pureness of dark warriors stand guard upon the earth, Second hoop and 100,000 yellow warriors stand guard within the sky in the Third hoop sent by White Buffalo Calf Woman, also known as Twin Deer Mother at the onset of these sacred flights she checks in to verify purification for the week. This lake is prayed for and protected for the return of the Great Spirit Mother, our Heaven upon Earth. Let us be the Light that gathers for Father Heaven and Returns Homeward in Joy to complete the Sacred Circle or be the Sacred Outer Fourth Hoop of life, our Global Prayer, Peaceful Wisdom Prayer each Saturday 24 hours.
Image: Blue Lake marked red A.   Taos marked Inn/brown bed.

Beginning at 4pm PST, we gather together in or upon the Blue Lake and Circle the lake and visit Spirits to gather and journey with us, upon Mother Earth System of Gardens and Valleys.

View the community on approach and land at the front view or in this case stand in front of the Taos Pueblo Adobe Structure. We gather with others here today and circle around from south(stand looking at doors), turn right and around. 

Looking at Pueblo, turn right. Begin doing the walk about, exploring the outside of the community.  This means we will walk around the entire area back to the front where we started on the roadway. (possibly, or if large area, Wbcw will talk the walk about)

Then we enter, depending on what we see, we go in together.

Image: Town of Taos and Blue Lake, Sangre de Christo mountain range.

You can do this, trust yourself for it will be natural.  If you do not see, trust your feelings.  Our purpose remember is to walk about and bless the house, not tell anyone or anything they must depart.  Our only purpose is to purify and we do this by standing our ground. You have the right to defend yourself, however if you feel fear, then trust that White Buffalo Calf Woman will purify all the space including you.  If you feel you need extra assistance please call upon Great Spirits to assist us, but first I recommend you send your loving embrace as this is your mission in journeying with us. As we encounter entities, we will ask for their needs and what their focus is for the house of persons related are.  We gather information and look for the right course of action for all to understand each other, as we all share space together.

Heaven and Earth is folding and this means less space for everyone.  Heaven brings the dark space, the soul of the feminine influence into the light spaces of the Earthly realm the physical reality.  As we are beings of Light, our mission is to bring health and well being into the heart of the related members.  Observe and validate, and then give law to the space.  The light of the fire brings harmony where chaos lives.  Purification to the unpure darkness, towards the Heavenly darkness of all our related beings that live all around us.  Now is the time to recognize their place as well as our ability to be a natural born flyer of the Soul Body.  Heaven upon Earth, this is the dawing upon us all.  Here is where we are in our sacred spirit medicine journey. Finish blessing the Reservation and we then depart from outside the entry road, where we landed.

Image: Blue Lake and Taos.  Taos Pueblo, valley above Taos. 

Fly back to Blue Lake, New Mexico, USA to say Goodbye to each other who joined today's sacred spirit medicine flight for the peaceful wisdom prayer journey! Leave a blessing and prayer for the Spirit of the Blue Lake and Warriors of the Second (Pure Darkness) and Third (Yellow) Hoops before we depart to go back to your physical body!

Global Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight with Heaven or Earth map each week departing at
4pm PST from the Blue Lake, NM to all our related.

Quick Reference
Image: Blue Lake Begin, enter Lake, moving south and around circle.

Your home, White Buffalo calf Woman will shuttle you to Blue Lake. All will be going together from Blue Lake to Land at front (Blue Lake Community) turn right walk, walking counter clockwise about the house (region or space we are blessing) and if there is time to bless each home on return.  Stay together at all times.  Walk about and gather information to negotiate peace while you are blessing the space. Depart together where we started. Going back to Blue Lake to gather.  White Buffalo Calf Woman will shuttle each home and say goodbye until next time our relations come together and solve our impure space into sacred spirit space that feels peaceful and safe. Now is this what you feel?

We hoped you enjoyed your Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey on our Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight today.

Image: Blue Lake Forest Devastation

Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight of the Sacred Circle of Heaven and Earth!

Questions and Answers

Where is the Destination this Week:

Taos Pueblo Community

Target is Blue Lake People at the Taos Pueblo Community, where they use no running water or electricity. These people are considered the walkers towards home. They will begin the Great Migration home, into the third phase of evolution. 

Global or Heavenly Map is posted at here at  Follow the heart and give us an email,  Join us each week healing the world, one place at a time and learn most interesting things along the way. Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight of the sacred circle of heaven and earth!

Image: Blue Lake Forest Restored 

Saturday Focus: 3:50pm telephone conference (whitebuffalocalfwoman is shuttling all who join to the Blue Lake), 3:55pm PST gather on the Blue Lake, 4pm PST depart on Flight.

We gather in or on top of the Blue Lake.  We do not touch the land.
Flight Plan for our Saturday Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

Length: Movement trusting intent

Duration:  10 min previously to shuttle healers and gather upon the blue lake, 60-90 minutes for journey, with allotted time necessary for events of the flight, 10 minutes to shuttle all healers home.  Please check in spiritually at the Blue Lake with others when arriving and departing each time.

Image: Blue Lake County, Taos Inn, today 2011.

Prior to 3:50 pm PST by Telephone Conferencing (Need help connecting free, ask for help from Holiness David .  He can get you set up.  It may take a week to a month if you have no equipment readily available)

All people of creed, color  or race (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved).
Send sacred spirit medicine requests to

Image: Blue Lake County, Taos Pueblo Community

Your dial-in number: 


Your unique PIN: 

International dial-in numbers, skype and rates

Prepare with Sacred Space.  Cleanse and purify before you even enter this Event.  Start clear, so we have fewer problems on our flight.  Below is how to create Sacred Space.  Please read and make sure before you enter to do a fire ceremony.  This means you have to burn something and offer it as a blessing for your self and your space.

Saturday Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey for the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight. Let us heal each other. What: Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight of the sacred circle of heaven and earth! Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight for embodying those in need.

We will be gathering and uniting hearts as our flight for the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey.  This will be done along with our foundation Peaceful Wisdom Prayer.  We pray for all our related. This Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight is done with anyone who claims loving relations with the Oneness of God, no separation is known. You must do a purification prior to flight.

Image: Blue Lake County, Taos Pueblo Community

This week we travel to the Earth only, meaning we do not veer off path and travel to distant stars.  If you wish to go to a particular star, please let  Look around the area, recognize the flight path and observe.  Remember to share your experiences, so we can each post our experience on Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey  Or if you have time, give Elders an assistance with your helping hands.

Our Foundation and Unification with: Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Day, which is done each Saturday 24 hours.  Join us at Global Prayer for all . . . we need you to send a prayer also, for the world! Join our prayer, send us a prayer or use your own, but give the world a thought and bless us all.  To see what prayer is used this week please visit
Thank you, my kinsmen!

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey is Gifted to those who ask.  We conduct our blessings, purification and integrate Darkness with the Lightness through Communication.  We conduct our flight plans, Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight, each Saturday during the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer, the Global Prayer.  After each Event our Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey is written about and shared on the hoops. Recording of Event.

Done along with Peaceful Wisdom Prayer, a Global Unification.  We focus on the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey (vision quest, spirit flight). We travel to a prearranged destination, in which we fly towards.

If you have Sacred Spirit Medicine requests, which may be made anywhere upon the Heavens or the Earth. Please send Spirit Medicine Requests to or
Subject on Email: Sacred Spirit Medicine Requests_Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight.

Creating Sacred Space
the sacred circle of heaven and earth
Questions and Answers

Intentional Design
Gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow
Edited by Holiness David and
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Universal, All-inclusive, Created from Love, Intended for healing, Conscious Mental Telepathy with intent-thinking to yourself language, From the Oneness "We" perspective and Mantra-like (optional).

   1. Light a single unifying candle.
   2. Smudge your space with incense.Sound or Music to flow with the heart. Audio Holy Peace Vocals Gifts Each Week
   3. Speak aloud your intentions if you wish or be telepathic.
   4. Welcome your Ancestors of Spirit from Earth & Heaven.
   5. Offer gratitude for sacred and holy gifts received recently. Thinking of Eight Gifts will help to complete the sacred circle.
   6. Empty your mind, release and allow others into your space, state, "Those who are pure are welcome to join, others I give blessings of love."
   7. Open to the place between the lights, the space of the darkness, the realm of heaven.
   8. Be here now, present.
   9. Enter into meditative state of the peaceful wisdom prayer
  10. Connect with Heaven's realm (Dark space where the soul moves). Witness what arises. Observe and share if you wish with the Elders. We like to share your stories to the world.  Each of us have a unique perspective of "I" and this is the perfection, a joy light from within each of us. These are your four sacred directions to your reflection of this journey we travel together we call Life.
  11. Allow all things to pass away. Allow, receive, forgive and release.
  12. Remain as clean, clear & deep with each breath of life, our Souls vehicle often called the Merkaba, but we know it as the Breath.  The rhythmic flowing of the ebb and flow, like waves.
  13. Stay complete, within your body.  The physical body is fastened and still, the holy temple.  While the soul body is in motion of the eternal flowing.
  14. We always start from our Physical Body and Return to the Physical Body after we enter flight of our Soul body. With our Intentional Prayer, remember the Joyous Returning to our Earthly Bodies!
  15. Give thanks for the opportunity to merge with Heaven.
  16. Share some of the blessed energy with your Elders
  17. Remember the gifts of that journey of the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer!
Blessing with fire please visit

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey 
Warning: There is a Crystal Person guiding this Flight.  If you do this without a Crystal Warrior, you may get yourself in a lot of trouble.  To be safe you must, and I mean must know there is only one law, the law of love.  If for one moment you doubt yourself, the darkness can put you to sleep inside the Dreamtime.  Please, understand, this journey is safe due to the Presence of a Crystal Warrior and this means, you must know truth all your life as you watch everyone walk away from you who do not know love.  To know your Sacred Directions, the Garment of Light Colors are, please ask.  You are a spiritual being with four colors of the Rainbow as well as a Mission and tools to complete your task  and perfection that lies within you.  In the event you feel prepared, please travel with three persons, a minimum to be safe. Like in the physical world of the light, we travel in groups to be safe, so must you travel in groups in the soul world of the darkness to be safe.  Be safe, wear the robe of love at every moment and safety will be known.  Please Beware.  This is a Warning from White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother". Also, this Event is also being attended by His Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star.  He faithfully drums the beat of the hearts, of those who are related.  His love and sacredness gives us holy flight each time as all of us listen to the beat of the drum.  The very heart beat of all the related, our family in the sacred circle of the hoops.  His love cannot be refused.  Welcome home my beloved healers.  Come have flight with us safely through out the Universes.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Fly with a heart to begin the march, where heaven flies home to me. I will be full, because I am still, I receive from all the world. I come home to thee, because I am free. My soul carries me to a destiny. And I will trust my wings. I will believe. I will become the Greatness in Me! 

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